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1<sup>st.</sup> International Conference on Virtual Reality [Proceedings] [1]  16<sup>th</sup> IEEE International Conference on Robot & Human Interactive Communication [Proceedings] [1]  19<sup>th</sup> International Congress on Acoustics [ICA2007MADRID] [Proceedings] [1]  1999 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing. Proceedings. ICASSP99 (Cat. No.99CH36258) [Proceedings] [1]  2000 LISA XIV [Proceedings] [1]  2010 International Conference on Audio, Language and Image Processing [Proceedings] [1]  2020 IEEE 14th International Conference on Application of Information and Communication Technologies (AICT) [Proceedings] [1]  23rd International Congress on Acoustics [ICA 2019] [Proceedings] [2]  3<sup>rd</sup> International Conference on Disability, Virtual Reality and Associated Technologies [ICDVRAT] [Proceedings] [1]  3rd international conference on Digital Interactive Media in Entertainment and Arts [DIMEA2008] [Proceedings] [1]  40th International Computer Music Conference/11th Sound & Music Computing Conference [ICMC|SMC|2014] [Proceedings] [1]  4th International Workshop on Presence [Proceedings] [1]  5<sup>th</sup> International Conference on Auditory Display [ICAD'98] [Proceedings] [1]  5th International Conference on the Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life [Proceedings] [1]  5th International Digital Arts and Culture Conference [Proceedings] [9]  6<sup>th</sup> International Conference on Auditory Display [Proceedings] [2]  9<sup>th</sup> International Conference on Computer Games: Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Systems [Proceedings] [3]  9th Audio Mostly Conference [AM'14] [Proceedings] [1]  A Source Book of Gestalt Psychology [Book] [1]  ACII 2011 Part II [Proceedings] [1]  ACM Computers in Entertainment [ACM Comput. In. Entertain.] [Journal] [1]  ACM SIGGRAPH and Eurographics Campfire: Acoustic Rendering for Virtual Environments [Proceedings] [1]  Acoustics [Proceedings] [1]  Acoustics [Journal] [1]  Acoustics Today [Journal] [1]  ACS Surgery News [Web Site] [1]  Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology '04 [Proceedings] [1]  Advances in Intelligent Computing and Multimedia Systems [Proceedings] [1]  AES 35<sup>th</sup> International Conference [Proceedings] [1]  AES 35th International Conference Audio for Games [Proceedings] [1]  AH '13 Proceedings of the 4th Augmented Human International Conference [Proceedings] [1]  AI & Society [Journal] [1]  American Journal of Neurodegenerative Disease [Am J Neurodegener Dis] [Journal] [1]  Analog Communication: Evolution, Brain Mechanisms, Dynamics, Simulation [Book] [1]  Analysis [Journal] [2]  Analysis and Interpretation of the Exact Sciences: Essays in Honour of William Demopoulos [Book] [1]  Anesthesiology [Journal] [1]  Angelaki [Journal] [1]  Animals [Journal] [1]  Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences [Journal] [1]  Annual Review of Psychology [Journal] [1]  Annual Review of Sociology [Journal] [1]  Applied Acoustics [Journal] [1]  Applied Animal Behaviour Science [Journal] [1]  Architecture, Mouvement, Continuité [Journal] [1]  ars technica [Web Site] [2]  Articificial Intelligence [Journal] [1]  Arts [Journal] [1]  Aspen [Web Site] [1]  Attention and Time [Book] [1]  Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics [Journal] [1]  Audio Engineering Society 116<sup>th</sup> Convention [Proceedings] [1]  Audio Mostly 2006 [Proceedings] [5]  Audio Mostly 2007 [Proceedings] [7]  Audio Mostly 2008 [Proceedings] [3]  Audio Mostly 2009 [Proceedings] [1]  Audio Mostly 2010 [Proceedings] [2]  Audio Mostly 2011 [Proceedings] [1]  Audio Mostly 2013 [AM'13] [Proceedings] [1]  Audio Mostly 2016 [AM'16] [Proceedings] [2]  Audio Mostly 2022 [AM'22] [Proceedings] [1]  Auditory Display: Sonification, Audification, and Auditory Interfaces [Book] [6]  Auditory Imagery [Book] [2]  Autobiographical memory [Book] [1]  AVR II and CONVR 2001 [Proceedings] [1]  Bats in the Anthropocene: Conservation of Bats in a Changing World [Book] [1]  BBC Future [Web Site] [2]  Behavioral and Brain Sciences [Journal] [1]  Behavioral Neuroscience [Journal] [1]  Behaviour [Journal] [1]  Being There: Concepts, Effects and Measurements of User Presence in Synthetic Environments [Book] [3]  Biodiversity International Journal [Biodiversity Int J] [Journal] [1]  bioRxiv [Journal] [1]  BioScience [Journal] [1]  BMJ Quality & Safety [Journal] [1]  Body, Sound and Space in Music and Beyond: Multimodal Explorations [Book] [1]  Boundaries of Self and Reality Online [Book] [1]  Brain and Cognition [Journal] [1]  Brain Research [Journal] [1]  Brainplay’07: Brain-Computer Interfaces and Games [Brainplay’07] [Proceedings] [1]  Breaking New Ground: Innovation in Games, Play, Practice and Theory [DiGRA 2009] [Proceedings] [1]  British Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery [Journal] [1]  British Medical Journal [Web Site] [1]  Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society [Journal] [1]  Canadian Journal of Psychology [Canad. J. Psychol.] [Journal] [1]  Canadian Journal of Zoology [Journal] [1]  Canadian Nurse [Web Site] [1]  Cell [Journal] [1]  Centaurus [Journal] [2]  Changing Views -- Worlds in Play [Proceedings] [7]  Chemical Senses [Journal] [1]  Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery [Journal] [1]  Cognition and Emotion [Journal] [1]  Collection, Laboratory, Theater: Scenes of Knowledge in the 17th Century [Book] [1]  Communication Theory [Journal] [1]  Communications Biology [Commun. Biol.] [Journal] [1]  Communications of the ACM [Comm. ACM] [Journal] [1]  Computational Analysis of Sound Scenes and Events [Book] [1]  Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds [Comp Anim Virt Worlds] [Journal] [1]  Computer Games: Text, Narrative and Play [Book] [3]

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