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Altman, R. (1992). Sound space. In R. Altman (Ed.), Sound Theory Sound Practice (pp. 46–64). New York: Routledge.  
Added by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 2/16/06, 8:28 AM
Bech, S., & Zacharov, N. (2006). Perceptual audio evaluation: Theory, method and application. Chichester: John Wiley & Sons.  
Added by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 7/11/14, 12:28 PM
Chen, C.-Y. (1996). Early Chinese work in natural science: A re-examination of the physics of motion, acoustics, astronomy and scientific thoughts. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press.  
Last edited by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 2/3/16, 4:34 PM
Clarke, S. 2011, November 2–4 Acoustic design approach for hospitals. Paper presented at Acoustics.  
Last edited by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 3/11/18, 9:41 PM
Czyzewski, A., Rostek, B., Odya, P., & Zielinski, S. (2001). Determining influence of visual cues on the perception of surround sound using soft computing. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, 2005, 545–552.  
Last edited by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 10/12/05, 11:38 AM
Erlmann, V. (2000). Reason and resonance: A history of modern aurality. New York: Zone Books.  
Added by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 11/27/14, 9:46 AM
Everest, F. A. (1984). Acoustic techniques for home and studio 2nd ed. Blue Ridge Summit, PA: Tab Books.  
Added by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 9/10/04, 8:01 AM
Farrehi, P. M., Nallamothu, B. K., & Navvab, M. (2016). Reducing hospital noise with sound acoustic panels and diffusion: A controlled study. BMJ Quality & Safety, 25(8), 644–646.  
Last edited by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 3/13/18, 10:13 AM
Gaver, W. W. (1993). How do we hear in the world? Explorations in ecological acoustics. Ecological Psychology, 5(4), 285–313.  
Last edited by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 4/25/13, 4:39 PM
Gaver, W. W. (1993). What in the world do we hear? An ecological approach to auditory perception. Ecological Psychology, 5(1), 1–29.  
Last edited by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 10/14/08, 12:12 AM
Howard, D. M., & Angus, J. (1996). Acoustics and psychoacoustics. Oxford: Focal Press.  
Added by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 2/10/14, 8:47 AM
Johnson, K. (1997). Acoustics and auditory phonetics. Oxford: Blackwell.  
Added by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 9/11/04, 1:32 PM
Miller, M., Van Wyk, K., & Murphy, K. (2014). A review of hospital noise studies. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 135(2402).  
Added by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 3/11/18, 9:43 PM
Rheingold, H. (1991). Virtual reality: The revolutionary technology of computer-generated artificial worlds -- and how it promises and threatens to transform business and society. New York: Summit Books.  
Last edited by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 4/28/05, 8:58 PM
Shinn-Cunningham, B. 2001, August 5–10 Creating three dimensions in virtual auditory displays. Paper presented at International Cognitive Engineering, Intelligent Agents and Virtual Reality, New Orleans.  
Added by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 8/26/05, 3:57 PM
Shinn-Cunningham, B. 2001, May 26–29 Localizing sound in rooms. Paper presented at ACM SIGGRAPH and Eurographics Campfire: Acoustic Rendering for Virtual Environments, Snowbird, Utah.  
Added by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 8/30/05, 11:06 AM
Shinn-Cunningham, B. G. 2004, April 4–9 The perceptual consequences of creating a realistic, reverberant 3-D audio display. Paper presented at The International Congress on Acoustics, Kyoto, Japan.  
Last edited by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 2/2/06, 1:48 PM
Shinn-Cunningham, B. G., Lin, I.-F., & Streeter, T. 2005, July 22–27 Trading directional accuracy for realism in virtual auditory display. Paper presented at 1st. International Conference on Virtual Reality.  
Last edited by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 9/1/05, 2:19 PM
Warren, W. H., & Verbrugge, R. R. (1984). Auditory perception of breaking and bouncing events: A case study in ecological acoustics. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 10(5), 704–712.  
Added by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 4/26/13, 9:53 AM
Wenzel, E. M. (1992). Localization in virtual acoustic displays. Presence: Teleoperators and Virtual Environments, 1(1), 80–107.  
Last edited by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 2/28/18, 9:15 AM
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