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Anderson, J. D. (1996). The reality of illusion: An ecological approach to cognitive film theory. Carbondale and Edwardsville: Southern Illinois University Press.  
Last edited by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 10/28/16, 6:06 PM
Bech, S., & Zacharov, N. (2006). Perceptual audio evaluation: Theory, method and application. Chichester: John Wiley & Sons.  
Added by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 7/11/14, 12:28 PM
Bregman, A. S. (1993). Auditory scene analysis: Hearing in complex environments. In S. McAdams & E. Bigand (Eds), Thinking in Sound: The Cognitive Psychology of Human Audition (pp. 10–36). Oxford: Clarendon Press.  
Last edited by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 9/28/05, 10:43 AM
Bregman, A. S. (1990). Auditory scene analysis: The perceptual organization of sound. Cambridge, Massachusetts: MIT Press.  
Added by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 8/21/15, 1:51 PM
Bregman, A. S., & Pinker, S. (1978). Auditory streaming and the building of timbre. Canadian Journal of Psychology, 31(1), 19–31.  
Added by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 10/5/05, 11:02 AM
Bregman, A. S., & Campbell, J. (1971). Primary auditory stream segregation and perception of order in rapid sequences of tones. Journal of Experimental Psychology, 89(2), 244–249.  
Added by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 9/28/05, 10:26 AM
Bruner, J. S. (1957). On perceptual readiness. Psychological Review, 64(2), 123–152.  
Added by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 10/21/05, 2:48 PM
Clark, A. (2013). Expecting the world: Perception, prediction, and the origins of human knowledge. Journal of Philosophy, CX(9), 469–496.  
Last edited by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 7/26/18, 10:36 AM
Erlmann, V. (2000). Reason and resonance: A history of modern aurality. New York: Zone Books.  
Added by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 11/27/14, 9:46 AM
Evens, A. (2005). Sound ideas: Music, machines, and experience. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.  
Added by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 3/1/06, 1:02 PM
Finney, E. M., Clementz, B. A., Hickok, G., & Dobkins, K. R. (2003). Visual stimuli activate auditory cortex in deaf subjects: Evidence from MEG. NeuroReport, 14(2), 1425–1427.  
Added by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 6/15/14, 9:49 AM
Folmann, T. B. Auditory perception in games. Retrieved August 8, 2005, from http://www.gamesconfere ... viewabstract.php?id=361  
Added by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 10/20/06, 8:51 AM
Gibson, J. J. (1966). The senses considered as perceptual systems. Boston: Houghton Mifflin.  
Last edited by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 4/26/13, 10:00 AM
Grimshaw, M. (2015). A brief argument for, and summary of, the concept of sonic virtuality. Danish Musicology Online - Special Issue on Sound and Music Production, 81–98.  
Last edited by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 7/14/21, 6:41 AM
Grimshaw, M., Lindley, C. A., & Nacke, L. 2008, October 22–23 Sound and immersion in the first-person shooter: Mixed measurement of the player's sonic experience. Paper presented at Audio Mostly 2008, Piteå, Sweden.  
Last edited by: Deleted user 7/31/09, 4:58 PM
Ihde, D. (2007). Listening and voice: Phenomenologies of sound 2nd ed. Albany (NY): State University of New York Press.  
Last edited by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 1/22/20, 8:19 AM
Jones, M. R., & Yee, W. (1993). Attending to auditory events: The role of temporal organization. In S. McAdams & E. Bigand (Eds), Thinking in Sound: The Cognitive Psychology of Human Audition (pp. 69–112). Oxford: Clarendon Press.  
Added by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 9/20/05, 3:38 PM
Kapralos, B., Zikovitz, D., Jenkin, M. R., & Harris, L. R. 2004, May 8–11 Auditory cues in the perception of self motion. Paper presented at Audio Engineering Society 116th Convention, Berlin.  
Added by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 5/21/08, 4:50 PM
Lindquist, M. W. (2014). The impact of sound on virtual landscape perception: An empirical evaluation of aural-visual interaction for 3d visualization. Unpublished Doctoral Thesis, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom.  
Added by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 9/16/14, 10:53 AM
Lunn, P., & Hunt, A. 2013, July 6–10 Phantom signals: Erroneous perception observed during the audification of radio astronomy data. Paper presented at International Conference on Auditory Display.  
Added by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 11/14/13, 1:11 PM
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