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Nicod, J. (1970). Geometry and induction. J. Bell & M. Woods, Trans. London: Routledge and Kegan Paul. (Original work published 1930).   
Added by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard   Last edited by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 1/24/24, 10:20 AM
"we see two types of induction. One proceeds by a simple enumeration of instances. It bases itself solely on their number, and does not claim to derive from that aything but a probability, which may be more or less strong. The other, however, proceeds by the analysis of circumstances. Being sure of itself, it relies entirely on care, and not at all on repetition, and it aims at certainty. Of these two types of induction, only the latter seems to correspond to the practice and even the spirit of science. A single experience, the scientist thinks, provided that every care has been taken, can bring us at a single stroke all the certainty that is attainable; to wish to build anything whatever on repetition is unworthy of the intelligence."
Critically quotes Francis Bacon: "Inductio per enumerationem simplicem precario concludit et periculo exponitur ab instantia contradictoria"