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Kromand, D. 2008, October 22, Sound and the diegesis in survival-horror games. Paper presented at Audio Mostly 2008, Piteå, Sweden.   
Added by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 11/24/08, 11:12 AM
"The collapse of the barrier between the diegetic and non-diegetic soundscape is a strategy to build a horror atmosphere."
"The soundscape of Silent Hill 2 operates within a framework of uncertainty that constantly holds the player between knowledge and ignorance."
The lack of a barrier between diegetic/nondiegetic sounds "purposefully hinders an efficient transfer of affordance".
Mala, E. 2008, November 24. The sound of horror. Newsweek.   
Added by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 11/20/08, 10:46 AM
"In Asian thrillers, the visual is so powerful that sound is rendered almost inconsequential. Perhaps not coincidentally, Asian horror is often rooted in vision..."
Moncrieff, S., Venkatesh, S., & Dorai, C. 2003, July 6–9, Horror film genre typing and scene labelling via audio analysis. Paper presented at International Conference on Multimedia and Expo.   
Added by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 12/15/08, 3:11 AM
"The manipulation of sound energy represents a concrete and commonly used method to convey horror themes and to heighten the impact of on-screen events."
Affect events are indexical by nature with a "high level of semantic association between the sound energy and affect events" and this "can be extended to attribute a semantic correlation between affect events and the broader thematic content of the film."
Naito, T. 2005. Interview with Hideo Nakata, specter director. Kateigaho, Winter.   
Added by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 11/20/08, 10:45 AM

"Other people tend to use different sounds altogether to express horror, but I can increase the perception of it to the maximum by utilizing a very quiet sound." (Mala 2008) cf

Mala, E. 2008, November 24. The sound of horror. Newsweek.