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Bussemakers, M. P., & de Haan, A. 1998, November 1–4, Using earcons and icons in categorisation tasks to improve multimedia interfaces. Paper presented at 5th International Conference on Auditory Display.   
Added by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 2/23/06, 2:18 PM
"Earcons are abstract, i.e. not event or object related, musical sounds."
Gaver, W. W. (1986). Auditory icons: Using sound in computer interfaces. Human-computer Interaction, 2, 167–177.   
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"an auditory icon is a sound that provides information about an event that represents desired data. Instead of using dimensions of sound to stand for dimensions of the data, dimensions of the sound's source are used"
"Auditory icons provide a natural and intuitive way to represent dimensional data and to represent conceptual objects in a computer system."
Metonymic auditory icons are those "in which a feature is used to represent the whole"
Wenzel, E. M. (1992). Localization in virtual acoustic displays. Presence: Teleoperators and Virtual Environments, 1(1), 80–107.   
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"The combination of veridical spatial cues with good principles of iconic design could provide an extremely powerful and information-rich display that is also quite easy to use."