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Brown, B., Rutherford, P., & Crawford, P. (2015). The role of noise in clinical environments with particular reference to mental health care: A narrative review. International Journal of Nursing Studies, 52(9), 1514–1524.  
Added by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 3/11/18, 9:41 PM
Bunzeck, N., Wuestenberg, T., Lutz, K., Heinze, H.-J., & Jancke, L. (2005). Scanning silence: Mental imagery of complex sounds. NeuroImage, 26(4), 1119–1127.  
Added by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 5/3/14, 11:59 AM
Crisinel, A.-S., Cosser, S., King, S., Jones, R., Petrie, J., & Spence, C. (2012). A bittersweet symphony: Systematically modulating the taste of food by changing the sonic properties of the soundtrack playing in the background. Food quality and preference, 24(1), 201–204.  
Last edited by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 9/23/20, 9:35 PM
Fritz, J. B., Elhilali, M., David, S. V., & Shamma, S. A. (2007). Auditory attention: Focusing the searchlight on sound. Current Opinion in Neurobiology, 17(4), 437–455.  
Added by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 4/15/14, 1:13 PM
Garbarini, F., & Adenzato, M. (2004). At the root of embodied cognition: Cognitive science meets neurophysiology. Brain and Cognition, 56(1), 100–106.  
Last edited by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 5/23/14, 9:13 AM
Ginsberg, S. H., Pantin, E., Kraidin, J., Solina, A., Panjwani, S., & Yang, G. (2013). Noise levels in modern operating rooms during surgery. Journal of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anesthesia, 27(3), 528–530.  
Added by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 4/7/18, 2:35 PM
Hagerman, I., Rasmanis, G., Blomkvist, V., Ulrich, R., Eriksen, C. A., & Theorell, T. (2005). Influence of intensive coronary care acoustics on the quality of care and physiological state of patients. International Journal of Cardiology, 98(2), 267–270.  
Last edited by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 3/11/18, 6:42 PM
Heim, M. R. Surfing virtual reality wave 3. In J. Gackenbach (Ed.), Boundaries of Self and Reality Online Elsevier.  
Added by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 4/11/16, 8:50 AM
Iyendo, T. O. (2016). Exploring the effect of sound and music on health in hospital settings: A narrative review. International Journal of Nursing Studies, 63(82), 82–100.  
Last edited by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 3/11/18, 9:40 PM
Jaseja, H. (2008). Scientific basis behind traditional practice of application of “shoe-smell” in controlling epileptic seizures in the eastern countries. Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery, 110(2008), 535–538.  
Added by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 6/3/15, 3:33 PM
Johansson, L., Knutsson, S., Bergbom, I., & Lindahl, B. (2016). Noise in the icu patient room: Staff knowledge and clinical improvements. Intensive and Critical Care Nursing, 35, 1–9.  
Added by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 3/13/18, 10:21 AM
Johansson, L., Bergbom, I., Persson Waye, K., Ryherd, E., & Lindahl, B. (2012). The sound environment in an icu patient room: A content analysis of sound levels and patient experiences. Intensive and Critical Care Nursing, 28(5), 269–279.  
Added by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 3/13/18, 10:25 AM
Padmakumar, A. D., Cohen, O., Churton, A., Groves, J. B., Mitchell, D. A., & Brennan, P. A. (2017). Effect of noise on tasks in operating theatres: A survey of the perceptions of healthcare staff. British Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, 55(2), 164–167.  
Added by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 4/7/18, 2:30 PM
Sasamoto, R., & Jackson, R. (2015). Onomatopoeia – showing-word or saying-word? Relevance theory, lexis, and the communication of impressions. Lingua,  
Last edited by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 3/11/16, 9:18 AM
Talling, J. C., Waran, N. K., Walthes, C. M., & Lines, J. A. (1996). Behavioural and physiological responses of pigs to sound. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 48(3-4), 187–201.  
Added by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 1/30/17, 11:17 AM
Thompson, E., & Varela, F. J. (2001). Radical embodiment: Neural dynamics and consciousness. Trends in Cognitive Science, 5(10), 418–425.  
Added by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 6/5/14, 11:28 AM
Topf, M., & Dillon, E. (1988). Noise-induced stress as a predictor of burnout in critical care nurses. Heart & Lung: The Journal of Acute and Critical Care, 17(5), 567–574.  
Added by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 3/25/18, 9:46 AM
Voskuhl, A. (2007). Producing objects, producing texts: Accounts of android automata in late eighteenth-century Europe. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A, 38(2), 422–444.  
Added by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 5/25/21, 8:02 AM
White, B. L., & Zomorodi, M. (2017). Perceived and actual noise levels in critical care units. Intensive and Critical Care Nursing, 38, 18–23.  
Added by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 3/13/18, 10:30 AM
Woods, A. T., Poliakoff, E., Lloyd, D. M., Kuenzel, J., Hodson, R., & Gonda, H., et al. (2011). Effect of background noise on food perception. Food quality and preference, 22(1), 42–47.  
Added by: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard 5/4/16, 7:23 AM
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